Four Terrific Tropical Nurseries
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Mon June, 06 - 9:00am to 7:00pm
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DEPARTURE: The bus for this tour will depart promptly at 7:00 a.m. 
outside the main hotel entrance. 

Seeking new tropicals for your garden or simply wanting to discover novel plants and growing practices at four amazing wholesale tropical plant nurseries? Then this is the tour for you! From palms to cycads, bromeliads, fruit trees, and unusual Florida natives, this tour has just about everything for the tropical plant lover. Tour goers will also enjoy a specialty lunch opportunity at Pine Island Nursery.

Botanics Wholesale Nursery

For over 30 years, Botanics Wholesale has been the go-to source for specimen palms and trees. They currently grow over 150 species of palms, cycads, flowering and native trees, as well as thousands of large container-grown fruit trees. Over the span of decades, they have introduced many palms and trees that have now become industry standards. They thrive on the discovery and introduction of new and beautiful plants and always trial new specimens.

Native Tree Nursery

Native Tree Nursery has had a special focus on plants naturally suited to thrive in the South Florida environment for nearly 30 years. From hardwood hammock plants to unique specimens found in the Florida Keys, they specialize in cultivating lesser-cultivated natives that are quickly disappearing in the wild due to development. Their offerings include South Florida native trees and shrubs, as well as Caribbean-compatible exotic palms, cycads, and flowering trees.

Pine Island Nursery

This unique wholesale nursery supplier offers quality tropical fruit trees for beauty and production. The nursery line is exclusively tropical fruit, nut, and spice trees. The nursery serves commercial fruit growers, landscapers, garden centers, and the public directly. Their primary market is Florida, but they hold the necessary certifications to ship plants to all 50 states and Canada. They also remain an active exporter to the Caribbean, Latin America, and other countries around the world.

Bullis Bromeliads

Family owned and operated since 1977, Bullis Bromeliads grows on over 25 acres of land with over 18 acres of shade houses and 2.5 acres of greenhouses. Traditionally known for producing large Aechmea and Alcantarea bromeliads, Bullis has the largest selection of Neoregelia in the market—this includes many variants produced and grown in-house. At any one time, the nursery has at least 400 varieties available representing a total of 20 genera. Their beautiful specimens are displayed in botanical gardens and conservatories around the country.