International Session & Dinner
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Meals & Events
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Mon June, 06 - 8:00pm to 11:30pm
Sandrinham/Windsor (Session), then Chopin Ballroom (Dinner)
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Complicated, Yet Simple: Connecting Gardens Worldwide

Being core to our beliefs as gardens manifests itself in a simple, authentic recognition of our community origins, including native plants, and horticulture’s deep roots in agriculture. Yet, realizing these commitments leads to wonderful opportunities and challenges while actualizing the social role gardens must play in today’s world. Six presentations will be provided.
The Intersection of Biological and Cultural Conservation: a Global Opportunity for Botanic Gardens
Presenter: C. Dunn, Cornell Plantations, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York.
The Role of Public Gardens in Promoting Indigenous Plant Use in South Africa 
Presenter: M. Smit, Stellenbosch University Botanical Garden,  Stellenbosch, South Africa. 
Making Space for Conversation – Exploring Socially Inclusive Partnerships 
Presenter: S. Willoughby, Royal Botanic Gardens, Victoria, Australia.
What’s in it for Me? Changing the Public Perspective of Botanical Gardens 
Presenter: A. Solomon, Jerusalem Botanical Gardens, Jerusalem, Israel.
An introduction to the Food and Agriculture Professional Section
Presenter: A. Novy, U.S. Botanic Garden, Washington, DC.
Food Systems & Public Gardens: Research & Education for Community Development 
Presenter: T. Moreau, UBC Botanical Garden, British Columbia, Canada. 
Lessons Learned in Communicating Advanced Plant Science Topics to the Public 
Presenter: K. Folta, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida

There is no cost to attend the session-only portion of this event. To attend the dinner, registration is required, and a nominal fee of $50 for attendees and $75 for guests applies. 

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