Thank You Miami!

Planning a trip this Summer? Visit Miami!

As one of America’s most popular vacation destinations, Miami has something to offer practically everyone—from pristine beaches to Caribbean-influenced music, exciting cuisine, diverse culture, beautiful natural areas, renowned museums, and gardens, gardens, gardens! In fact, South Florida’s rich history and subtropical climate has inspired many distinct botanic gardens and arboreta —each with their own plant collections, styles, and stories. This year’s event will be hosted by no less than 13 American Public Gardens Association member organizations, representing a diverse slice of regional public gardens—from the European-inspired grandeur of Vizcaya, to the exotic edibles of Fruit and Spice Park, and the exceptional palm and cycad collection at Montgomery Botanical Center. Join us for a taste of our host gardens’ horticultural wealth.

Miami is ranked as one of the cleanest cities in the US, due to its broad, sweeping green spaces, clean air, and innovative recycling programs. It is also listed as one of the richest US cities, so significant investments have been made towards its spectacular skyline, 800+ parks, and tourism industry. Celebrated as one of the “tastiest towns in the US” by Southern Living magazine, Miami is famous for its cafecitos (Cuban coffee), mojitos, and platano maduro (sweet plantain) ice cream. With over 150 ethnicities representing its diverse and varied culture, you can find practically any cuisine in the city.